Anne Mooney, A Personal Chef Service
Chef Anne Mooney is a member of American Personal & Private Chef Association
Chef Anne Mooney is a member of APCA

Certified & Insured
Anne Mooney, A Personal Chef Service
First, we have an initial interview so that I can learn your likes, dislikes and any dietary concerns you might have. For instance, would you like to lose weight, gain weight, consume less salt, less sugar, less fat? Are you allergic to or intolerant of any types of food? Would you prefer a vegetarian diet or are you a dedicated carnivore? Are there any foods you just plain dislike? Are there special family recipes for which you have a yearning but which you just donít have time to prepare?

I will take a look at your kitchen Ė especially the stove: do all the burners work and is the oven temperature reasonably accurate? And the refrigerator and freezer: is there enough space for all these lovely meals I am going to leave for you?

We will set a date for me to come to your house and prepare your food in the safety of your own kitchen. On that appointed day, hereís what I will do.
  • All the shopping.
  • Bring the fresh ingredients and my own cookware and utensils to your home.
  • Prepare your meals in the safety of your kitchen.
  • Individually package, label and refrigerate or freeze each meal.
  • Leave detailed reheating and serving instructions for each meal.
  • Leave your kitchen spotless and your house full of the aroma of freshly prepared food.
You donít have to worry about a thing. Just come home and enjoy your dinner.

Take a minute and figure out what you are going to do with all that time I have just saved you!