Anne Mooney, A Personal Chef Service
Chef Anne Mooney is a member of American Personal & Private Chef Association
Chef Anne Mooney is a member of APCA

Certified & Insured
Anne Mooney, A Personal Chef Service
In addition to cooking meals for families on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, I do other fun stuff, too. Here are some options for you.

Have a Party
Invite a few of your friends for dinner. I will come in the afternoon, do the shopping, prepare the food and put it into your serving dishes, set the table and leave your kitchen spotless. I’ll even arrange flowers for your table, if you like. (And if you want to claim all the credit for a healthy beautiful meal, your secret’s safe with me!)

Host a Cooking Class Dinner Party
Invite a few of your friends into your kitchen to learn how to Make Crepes, Prepare a Buffet for a Crowd, Create a Communal Japanese Meal, Become More Familiar with Various Ways to Serve and Enjoy Cheese. I will do the shopping, bring my cookware and provide hands-on instruction for your guests.

Hold a Cooking Challenge
This is a terrific “Team Building” event for small gatherings of people who need to build communication on a social as well as on a professional level. The group is divided into “teams” of two or three people. Each team is given a grocery bag full of ingredients from which they are to prepare one dish for the entire group to enjoy. When the cooking is done, the group sits down to a feast they have prepared. Sometimes, some wild and crazy stuff comes out of this, and everyone has a lot of fun. During the Cooking Challenge, I can remain on site to assist, or leave everyone to their own devices.

Give a Gift
- A month, or even a week, of Personal Chef Services is an ideal gift for:
- A New Mom
- Someone who has just moved into a new home
- Someone who has just gotten out of the hospital
- Newly-weds
- Your Mother’s birthday
- Your Parents’ Anniversary
- Your Boss
- A new retiree
- That person who has everything

. . . The possibilities are endless, and Gift Certificates are readily available.